8 PCS Pink Measuring Cups - Kitchen Measuring Tool

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We all know the struggle of guesswork when it comes to your recipes and ingredients. Basically, if you put a little bit too much of everything it has a greater chance that any recipe will flop. Who would want that?

Our Measuring Cups skips the guessing game and will do the work for you to have the accuracy to provide quality and perfect delicious cakes and dishes that will come from your endeavors!

In cooking and baking, not everyone is perfect but measurements and recipes are.

Whether you’re a pro chef or just love cooking, we have the perfect solution to prepare you for your culinary adventures!

  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: It serves as a measuring tool for all types of dishes and recipes for dry and liquid ingredients, such as flour, grains, lentils, sugars, spices, honey, grains, beans. Making them ideal for daily use.
  • QUALITY DEPENDS ON ACCURACY: Quality over quantity. Quality makes all the difference. Next time you do the cooking make sure to be precise about your measurements and who knows your dish can be your secret hidden recipe.
  • AN ULTIMATE SPACE SAVER: Design to serve its purpose and functionality. Collapsible measuring cups and convenience in a Cool kitchen tool!
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: Each handle has imprinted numbers that are easy to read and won't wipe off. Size is clearly engraved and you can choose the right size fast!
  • 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE BPA: Our products are made to Toxin-free. The flexible, non-stick surface is easy to clean and does not transmit any flavor or odor to your food. 


  • 4 pcs of Collapsiable Measuring Cup ( (250ml, 125ml, 80ml, 60ml)
  • 4 pcs of Measuring Spoons (15ml, 5ml, 2.5m 1.25m)